Results Are In

I’ve been checking a bit too frequently, but tonight the times are posted on the CEP Timing site for today’s Phoenix New Times 10k:

New Times 10k Race Results

Okay, so here’s the analysis… I’m pleased with the time, 1:05:13 which nets a 10:30 minute per mile, faster than I thought I would do. I came in… 2396 place out of 3001 recorded times. Ugh, I thought I was ahead of lots of people. Oh well.

In my 40-44 age range for men, I placed 242nd out of 265, pretty close to the bottom. Wow, there are a lot of really fast guys out there in my age bracket, right?

But all this means little- my goal was to finish as strong as I could, and now I have some benchmarks that I can set some new sights on.

2 thoughts on “Results Are In

  1. Hey man… it’s badass that you got out there… and for what it’s worth, 2396 still means you beat like 600 people. (Plus all the people who didn’t show — you beat all of them, too.)

    Anyway, I was just scanning through some of the New Times 10k comments, came across your blog and thought I’d say hi.

  2. Thanks much, Jon… I have no running experience to gauge it against. I felt good and ran faster than I could, so as you suggest, the number means nothing. I was trying to be sarcastic.

    And what a gas to see your results online!

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