Not So Great 4

It’s Saturday, so it means an early alarm clock to get to the 6:30 AM meeting spot for the Team D training. Like last week, we met at Granada Park, but this time running west on the canals for a 4 mile rum (to Northern Rd and back). I have biked this canal several times, and this side of town is really good because there are underpasses at major streets so you don’t have to deal with traffic.

Today’s run should ahve been easy as I’d been doing 5s and a few 6s, but I was pretty worn out. I did the whole run without stopping, but it was a rather slow pace, maybe 12 minutes per mile.

For small diversion was the weird sighting of the day– I had notice two people near th pat under Rt 51 that were fishing in the canal. That is not unusual; I’ve seen ti often on my bike route, wondering who would want to eat the algae eating fish that live in the canals. But on the way back I looked closer and these fishermen lacked a fishing rod– they were using a bow and arrow!

Oh well, whatever floats the boat.

Next week we are headed up to our cabin in Strawberry for the weekend, so I will miss the 7 mile team run at South Mountain park. The following weekend, I have registered to run the New Times 10k which should be exciting– my first “real” running event.