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just in case anyone is curious how I got this boondoggle... (more)
the proposal
Project ideas written in November 1999... (more)
.az = Arizona
It's my home state, but I'll relocate to a different part for July-August... (more)
.nz = New Zealand
Off to the home of "kiwis" for September - October ... (more)

.au = Australia
"G'day, mate!" will be my vocabulary after spending November-December down under... (more)
the goods
So what actually came out of this? ... (more)
roll the credits
Probably the best part of this experience was the incredible number of people who welcomed me, some after no more than an email request for a visit. This is my attempt to try to thank all who I got to meet; please forgive me if I have missed you!

I also must thank my employer, the Maricopa Community Colleges, for providing this opportunity; Mary Lou for handling all of the details for the sabbatical process; Nick and Colen for filling in for me; and everyone at MCLI for keeping things running smmooth in my absence.

Thanks to Mike, Darren, Dena, Jay from the CREATE project at NAU for ideas and an environment to work; Paul from Yavapai Community College for the Chemistry project ideas; Mike and Nancy for a great place to stay; Betty and Roger for fun visits and side trips; Derek, Christie and others for an adventurous trup to Havasupai.

Thanks to Richard for the "tiki" tours and a first welcome, and providing a place to visit at UNITEC as well as Claire, Vern, Mark (great weekend trips!), Tania, Hemant, and Dave from the Learning Technologies group at UNITEC; Phil and Anne from the English On-line group; Pam, Don, Jackie, Mary, Glenda, Michael, Fiona, Archana from UNITEC; Sean for coffee and conversation, Eli and colleagues for a fine dinner; Paul, Lorraine, Chris from Auckland University of Technology; James and family for a relaxing weekend in Orewa. Thanks also to the managers of the Parnell Inn who readily pitched in when the airport shuttle was running way too late.
Thanks to David and Allyn for beautiful sunset views and pointing the way to the best beaches; and Tim for setting up the contact.
Thanks to Larraine and Roger for a nice stay at Nkakuru despite the rain; to the kind sheep farmers Claire and David who resucued my car from the ditch on the road to Marakopa.
Thanks to Hazel, Ian, ET, and students at Whanganui Regional Community Polytechnic.
Palmerston North
Thanks to Tony for a stay in his historic house, visits to the windy beach, and a lift down to Wellington.
Thanks to Tony and students for a visit to National College of Multimedia & Technology (NCMT); Andy for a visit to National College of Design & Technology; Che Tamahori for a chance to meet the "legend"; Dave for a chance to learn about pixelpump.
South Island
Thanks to Ansett Airlines for managing to get me to Queenstown despite a diversion to Invercargill plus a flat tire on the bus ride; to Christene at the Athol diner for coffee during the tire change and good stories the next day; again to Ansett for managing to get Natalie safely to Queenstown; to the crew and guests of the Milford Mariner; the fun English couple at the Blue Ice cafe in Franz Josef Glacier; the helpful folks at Hokitika and Westport visitors centers; Libby and Simon for the horse trek.

Canberra Institute of Technology
Thanks to John for meeting me at Sydney and setting up the CIT visit; Allan and family for letting me stay at their home; Julie for introducing me to horse betting; Claude for inviting me to participate in the Flexible Learning Leaders project; Caron, Greg, and others at TEALS; Anne for the nice bush walk near Black Mountain; Mark for the lunch and talk about multimedia; Michael for the wine tour at Clonakilla.
Riverina Institute of TAFE
Rosemary for setting this up during her visit to Maricopa; Gail and Paul for housing me and planning all kinds of great tours and activities; Ian for the tour of Murrin Bridge; Ken and Alex for the three day conference trip to Sydney; Brian for conversations on technology at Wagga, Geoff for a tour over at Charles Sturt Uni; Rod and Brian for weekend camping at Chicks Camp; Claire for trying to set up a visit to Wodonoga; Rob for the tour of CSU Thurgoona campus.
Thanks to Minty and Bek for a great weekend in Footscray; Jan for the great trips out of Berwick; Thena for being cute.
Thanks to Madeleine, Neil, Di, Marty and Deb for setting up the visits to Adelaide Institute of TAFE; John for the tour of CALS, Ros for sharing abut student services; Peta and Sue for the tour of Torrens Valley; Carol for the tour of Onkaparinga and the great kangaroo dinner; Mark for the wine tour to McLaren Vale.
Thanks to Anne for the invitation to Open Learning 2000; Cathy for all of the detail work at the conference; Lyn for the excellent barbecue for FLL; Dorian for lunch; Paul for finally meeting; Jim for the interesting dinner conversation; George for being enthusiastic about the Hero's Journey; Gavin for the visit to QUT; Hans for arranging the weekend on the Gold Coast.

Most of all, I cannot thank enough my family in Arizona (Natalie, Allison, Travis ... Fudge & Skamper too!) for the love and support during 6 long months away.

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