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just in case anyone is curious how I got this boondoggle... (more)
the proposal
Project ideas written in November 1999... (more)
.az = Arizona
It's my home state, but I'll relocate to a different part for July-August... (more)
.nz = New Zealand
Off to the home of "kiwis" for September - October ... (more)

.au = Australia
"G'day, mate!" will be my vocabulary after spending November-December down under... (more)
the goods
So what actually came out of this? ... (more)
survey summary
I received complete surveys (see the survey questions) from 8 different support centers from educational institutions in Arizona, New Zealand, and Australia. Not highly signifcant from a data standpoint, here is some summary

Survey Respondants n=8

staffing size
6, 7.5, 8.6, 9, 11, 11, 52, 65

  • Staff/Professional Development only (2)
  • Development/production of learning materials for/with faculty (4)
  • Some combination of above +/- R&D (2)

client issues
  • Project Management, planning, timeliness of content provided, production skills (6)
  • Limited ideas of effective web use beyond converting teaching materials, distracted by media ("Some lecturers think that multimedia will fix their terrible content") (5)
  • Funding, especially for time and software/training (3)
  • Problems with technology infrastructure (2)
  • Changing nature of staffing responsibilities with the impact of online delivery, staying current (2)
  • Need to be diplomatic and supportive, positive focus (2)
  • Ongoing support
  • Limited vision of upper management
  • Professional development for middle management

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