presented nov 21, 2000
"Bulding Momentum"
TAFE NSW Online Conference
Alan Levine Comments

  • Intro
    • thanks, I have been practicing "G'day"
    • on sabbatical, must prove working, take a photo

  • Misc:
    • I disagree w/ Cisco CEO that e-learning will be as killer as email (underestimating e-games, e-gambling, eBay, etc)
    • also disagree that Harvard is a threat: Harvard doesn't know your students, your community; that is your strength.
    • not harvard we have to worry about, it is napster

  • About Maricopa:
    • Maricopa= 10 colleges in Phoenix, AZ; 240,000 students; region the size of Sydney (we have 3.5 million) but 1/10 the area os NSW.
    • I am not an expert! We Americans cannot even choose a president

  • Thoughts:
    • impressed with diversity of subject areas presented; not just IT but child services, construction, agriculture; go w/ strengths
    • teamwork model built into projects is a plus

  • Suggestions:
    • maintain excitement of stakeholders- in this room are innovators, but what about the next wave that want to use the learningware off the shelf-- what are their needs?
    • online is 24-7
    • simple is not boring or just text, but is elegant
    • good writing goes a long way; if a site needs "jazzing up:, look at the content rather than adding eye candy
    • develop staff w/ IT + teaching slills
    • r&d in education; Microsoft-20%, Intel=8% Education=0%
    • make technology transparent
    • be human, have fun, pervade excitement

photo of audience