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Director Related
Many of my development projects use Macromedia's premiere (or at least that's what users consider it) multimedia development software.

Macromedia Director
This is the "Mothership Macromedia" (my made-up term) home for information about this software.

Director Web
This is the little site I have built and maintained at Maricopa since 1994 (I think we had a web site for Director before Macromedia did!), and contains links to just about anything Director-related. Because of this web site, many people have the misguided notion that I am some sort of expert.

Director-Online Users Group (DOUG)
Our buddy DOUG is another excellent resource for the Director developers community. In fact, I write an infrequent column there called "randomAlan()". Because of my sabbatical, I am going to miss the September 2000 DOUG-sponsored Director Summit 2000 convention in Orlanda.

Shockwave Multi User Server (MUS)
is a Director technology I am using for my projects at Northern Arizona University. It provides the capability of marrying Director's rich media creation environment with the intercommunication of shared environments via the Internet. My favorite example is a Pictionary style game, iSketch, as well as the sassy Sissyfight.

Alan's Skunkworks
For my projects at NAU, I documented notes and prototypes on a web site hosted from my G4 development machine, also the host for the Multi User Server. This URL may come and go depending whether the computer is left turned on or if they find another purpose for it!

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