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The Linkotoriun
The web is all about links, lists of links, piles of links, heaps of links. Finding relevant web sites is both a science and an art, or alchemy with a pinch of serendipity. If you are looking for guidance in this area, spend some time with our Webhound.

I had a head start based on many of the sites I have assembled at Maricopa into what we call our Bag of URLs and the gold level reference sites of our Swiss Web Knife.

There must be a gizillion travel related web sites (as it is information pretty likely to lead to commerce?), and I found a lot of info relevant to my travels from BootsnAll (great storied written by world travellers), Lonely Planet (fact filled info based upons same research as their books,plus notes posted by travellers), and Rough Guide.

As far as finding web sites when I don't have a clue where to start, I rely heavily on Google which is fast, focused, and lacks a lot of irrelevant stuff like ads. Other times I will frame a question to the responsive Jeeves

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