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handy general sites about traveling
There are more travel related web sites than one can list, but these are the ones I refered to in the planning for this trip.

A Digital Artist: On the Road in China
An inspiration for documenting a trip by the web, this site is based upon a solo tour to China.
I like this site because it is all written by people who have traveled to the places you are going to visit, with details on locations and often nice photos.

The Travelite.FAQ : Packing Tips for CarryOn-Only Trips
I took more gear than this person would, but the tips here were useful in thinking about what to take and how to pack it. It is one of many sites that cater to folks that travel only with what they can take as carry-on luggage (these are people that take like one shirt and wash it in a sink everynight; a bit more extreme than my mode).

Help for World Travelers
Indispensible for the techie traveler, the charts and imageson this site show what sorts of phone jacks and electrical plugs you will encounter in any country.

Among many nifty web tools on this site is this currency converter. Not only does it do a quick calculation for you, you can also generate a small chart for carrying in your wallet that lists the currency equivalents for different amounts.

The Compleat Carry-On Traveler: Travel Site Links
I think I bookmarked all of the sites listed here! The site is another one geared to those one bag travelers.

AT&T Worldwide Traveler
lists international country codes and dialing instructions for making sure you can "phone home" from the distant road

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