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General Arizona Information
Arizona Guide
"the official site of the Arizona Office of Tourism" covers the state very well.

Official State Web Site
The typical collection of government office web sites. A picture of our governor.

Arizona Highways Magazine
Actually published under ther state department of transportation, for more than 75 years this world famous magazine has featured some of the best photography and articles covering the state and its history.

Arizona Republic
The major newspaper in Phoenix. Some consider it to be rather conservative and call it the "Arizona Repulsive". For me, it will offer a way to check the local news while I am traveling.

Official City Site
Gateway of information about the city, front page features two live web cam views.

Flagstaff Visitors and Convention Bureau
Well maybe this is an officciazl city web page too! Lots of photos, links, and info for tourists.

Flagstaff Guide
Another guide to the sites, happenings, and features in town and around.

Topographic Map of Flagstaff

Museum of Northern Arizona
offers excellent exhbits on southwest geology, history, and art.

Northern Arizona University
The third largest state university in Arizona and home of the CREATE project where I spend my first two months

Macy's Coffee House
"the first commercial coffee roaster in Arizona. In the last twenty years we've worn out a coffee bean roaster, three ovens, two espresso machines, and a few refrigerators, and we've expanded our seating a bit, but otherwise Macy's is still the same busy, bustling place it always has been."

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