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september 15, 2000
The rest of this week was spent visiting people and working on projects at UNITEC, gearing up for a presentation today about Maricopa and MCLI.

Having grown weary of the food in my student housing area, I have been enjoying sampling the photo here local places, including Sages Indian food in Point Chevalier, a nice small Chinese place in Mt. Albert ("BBQ Noodle House", forgetting the exact name), and a really nice Malaysian place here in Mc Albert, called "Makan @ Mt Albert". I learned a bit from talking to Sukesh the owner, who was extremely friendly and interested in why an American was here!

I also wandered in an about a low key usedbook store in Mt Albert, the Affordable Book Exchange. It was hard to even find how the thousands of titles were organized! photo here I did grab a book co-authored by whacky sci-fi writer Douglas Adams, but Last Chance to See is about his travels in attempts to see endangered species. I chose the book because one of the chapters is about the kakapo bird of New Zealand.

Friday afternoon was the day for me to give a talk about the Maricopa system, MCLI, and our photo here projects. This was to take place in the "Red" Lecture hall in the Student Learning Complex, a modern, well designed auditorium featuring all the presenter bells and whistles (high tech podium, large rear screen projection, etc).

today's photos
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starting slide #53

Unfortunately, as things can and often do with technology, the Internet connection was not working! While I got started talking to the audience w/o any technical props, Mark and Tania from the Learning Technologies center were busy dismantling the podium in an effort to move it across stage to the other Internet port. sadly, that one too was out of commission, so modeling flexibility, we simply moved to a multimedia classroom.

The group of faculty and education students present seemed keenly interested in the Maricopa system and our bag of projects from MCLI, and they had to stop me from yammering and clicking as it was time to go!

To see the slick presentation I cobbled together, you just need to take a web trip to:

After that, it was time to catch a bus downtown for my weekend trip to Orewa, but that is another story.

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