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july 25, 2000
photo here The day after my return from Lake Powell, my colleague at CREATE Mike Kelly invited me on an early morning hike. The destination was the trail to the top of Mount Humphreys, highest point in the San Francisco Peaks, and the summit at an altitude of 12,633 feet, is the highest place in Arizona. Mike was interested in taking some 360° panoramic photos that eventually I will post here as a QuickTime VR scene.

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o o Hike to Humphreys Peak
I had done this hike about 6 years ago and remembered it was steep! The Kachina Peak Trail begins near the Arizona Snowbowl ski area, altitude 9600 feet. It winds moderately up through dense pine and conifer forest, and at 10,500 feet emerges from timberline through a series of steep switchbacks that bring you to Doyle Saddle, where you can first see the inside of the mountain.

From here the trail meanders along a rocky, treeless surface, crossing 2 or three false summits before arriving tat the true summit. The view from the top is fairly clear, though hazy to the west and grey to the east with some rain in the distance.

The return trip is a bit easier, but tiring!

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