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These are some of my personal favorite digital snapshots so far...

photo hereBridge Over Night : At night, the lights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge make it even more impressive, even with Olympic scale fireworks shimmering down its sides.

photo hereOperatic Curves : In person, the Sydney Opera House reveals itself as the most impressive and dramatic building anywhere. Its curves reach for the clouds.

photo hereShy But Prickly : An echidna, a sort of porcupine-like critter, hides shyly in the bush near Burleigh heads on the Gold Coast.

photo hereHibiscus Is Us : A close up of flower detail, with detailed shadow, at the Adelaide Botanical Park.

photo hereCute and Cuddly : is this Koala bear at Healesville Nature Sanctuary (more cute animals)

photo hereWater Tank Art : one of several weater tanks in the Murrin Bridge settlement painted in Aboriginal style by local artist. (more photos from Murrin Bridge)

photo hereMoon in Arms : a view of the moon nestled in the arms of a Euclalyptus tree on a ridge top in south Canberra.

photo hereKangaroo Welcome : this pair of curious critters was an early welcome committee on my arrival Down Under.

photo hereRust As Art : This use of colors on a rusted piece of equipment in Braidwood is worthy of any other piece in the National Gallery.

photo hereWar Remembrance : Poppies are placed next to the names on the halls of memory at the Australia War Memorial.

.new zealand
picturesMilford Sound: After a glorious night's cruise on Milford Sound, our return yielded this magnificent reflected view of mile high Mitre Peak

picturesOld and New Government Buildings: The classic style of the Parliamentary building contrasts with the modern "Beehive" or Executive building in New Zealand's capital, Wellington

picturesChampagne Pool: Among the geothermal hot springs and geysers of the Rotorua area Wai-O-Tapu, Champagne Pool has the most vivid colors- in this photo it could even pass for a false color satellite image of a the Grand Canyon.

picturesCathedral Cove: The massive archway of Cathedral Cove frames a view of the beach and Te Hoho Rock.

picturesKuaotunu Sunset: Every night, the setting sun paints a new masterpiece over the Coromandel peninsula, here seen from the deck of Allyn and David's place.

picturesOtama Beach: The white sands, azure water, and graceful pohutukawa trees made this beach near Whitianga a favorite of mine.

picturesRangitoto Island: No matter where I stood in Auckland, the best photos seemed to have Rangitoto Island hovering in the background. This view is from North Head, the volcanic hill in Devonport.

picturesPiha Beach: The black sand, "wild west beach" in the Waitakere region awaits surfers and beach combers to invade.

picturesTwo Tuis: These black birds with the white waddle create a unique and delightful range of calls, crackles, and song on Tiritiri Matangi (more birds and tidbits...)

picturesSky Tower Reflection: A shimmering reflection of the Sky Tower in an adjacent Auckland glass office building. What is real and what is an illusion?

picturesSky Tower: Here is the real thing, from a tourist strained view from its base.

picturesAuckland Panorama: Stitched from 5 photos take from the summit of Rangitoto is still not all that they eye could take in from this vantage point

picturesKidney Fern: Small, delicate, the kidney fern is draped over boulder and up tree trunk in the thicker jungles on the flanks of Rangitoto. Supposedly after a good rain the leaves open up completely.

picturesOld and New: The point of departure for the ferry boats, the old Ferry building (1896) is dwarfed by upstart, glass office buildings one hundred years younger.

picturesFrogs in No Motion : The reflection at the top of the tank of this display at the Auckland zoo caught my eye as well as the illusion of suspended animation of these frogs (more critters...)

picturesMeteor Crater: a collage of images taken from the rim of this crater, site of a major collision of an extra-terrestrial rock and the Earth 50,000 years ago.

picturesCanyon Diablo Ghosttown: Not far from Meteor Crater is this collection of crumbling buildings and rusted cars. The cause of this destruction is quite "terrestrial"! (more on this ghostown...)

picturesAlcove Arch: One of the many fantastic features from Lake Powell- more details and lots of lake photos are just a click away...

picturesSubmarine Rock: This curvy erosional remnant of sandstone looks just like a pink submarine rising out of a sea of green trees near Sedona. It also features some tremendous mountain bike trails (see my scrapes and bumps).

picturesMuddy Havasu Falls: This spectacular waterfall below the Supai village should be a brilliant azure blue green, a scene of great tranquility, but on my backpack trip we were treated to a different view when rains flooded the canyon.

picturesAnasazi View of Fay Canyon: This view from a small ruin in Fay Canyon shows why the red rock canyons of Sedona are so revered- red pastel sandstones, deep blue skies, and green forests make for a Kodak moment all of the time.

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